Here’s a brief description of the people I surround myself with. These guys are all equally dangerous in their own ways. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Collin Kinser

A very important part in how I’ve turned out, Collin served the “mentor/best friend” role for me perfectly in college. A few years my elder, we’ve discovered that all aspects of our lives coincide at some point–His life serving as a blueprint at times. He’s doing big things in NYC now, but still serves as my therapist/life coach. We anxiously await the day we re-unite.

Davis Hood

By my side for 85% of the bad decisions I’ve made in the past few years, I would venture to say that I’ve spent more time with Davis than just about any of my friends. He was my “little” back in our fraternal days, and he’s played the guitar every time I’ve decided singing in public was a good idea. Truth be told, I love the kid more than life itself–But I can’t get too attached. He tends to wander off during nights out..and I fear one day I might not find him.

Mitch Braig

I’ve never really known how to adequately describe Mitch, mainly because his day-to-day actions are the most puzzling things on the planet. Maybe the most outgoing of all my friends, Mitch’s “shoot first, ask questions last” attitude makes my life more interesting every time I see him. This guy is as good of a friend as you can get– He lets you make no mistake alone.

JP Risenhoover

My roommate for most of my college days, we’ve seen each other do more stupid stuff than just about anyone. He’s an excitable young man who doesn’t mind paying for drinks, singing, or taking his pants off in public. Yes, you read that right. He does it all.

Nathan Wiebe

I could have picked a better picture for Nathan, something with better lighting and a more accurate depiction of his face… But this picture sums up everything I could possibly say. Beer, lasers, partying….Nathan.


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